Tirgān 7043

:About this NFT

This NFT is about the ancient Persian celebration, Tirgān, and the heroic story of Arash the Archer. Unlockable content include the High Quality 3D model of the coin for limited minting purpose in real world + 2 renders of both sides in 4K Quality (4096 x 4096)






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Mithraic YOC




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:Story Behind this NFT

In ancient times, there were 2 realms, Iran and Turan. They’ve been at war for 60 years over the Royal Glory. King Manūchehr, the legendary King of Persia, decided to send a peace offer, and he chose Arash the Archer as the messenger. Turanians who thought an arrow couldn’t travel much, accepted the offer and agreed whatever the land falls within the range of a bow-shot, shall be returned to the Iranians. A special arrow was sent, and Arash was chosen to throw the arrow. Arash climbed up to a high mountain. Some say that it was Damavand’s crest. At the dawn of Tir 13th, the bowman pointed his bow to the Turan lands and used all his power to lunch the arch. As he shot, it’s like his soul bounded to the arrow and traveled with it. Arash’s body turned into ashes and disappeared into the air. Hours passed, some say at noon, some say at sunset, but many believe it traveled for days. Finally, the arrow landed on the Oxus River, far long from where it’s launched. Arash sacrificed his life to bring back the glory to Iran. From that day to the present, Iranians honored him with celebrating this day and named it Tirgān.

:3D Model